Sunset Thoughts


It’s the magic time again, when the sky blushes and even if it’s still cold, I can pretend another season altogether.

When will we flee this concrete sadness? How will we ever find a way to hit the broad? Where the hell will we go? Shall we plan, or should we sneak like thieves in the night and make a break for it?

Oh, my love, my longsuffering love, I wonder at times how anyone ever gets out of here alive. And then I remember: none of us do.




One response to “Sunset Thoughts

  1. Thank you, my friend. This is exactly how I was feeling. Sometimes it’s worse than other times (that deeply morose, depressed feeling). I’m feeling better. This weekend was a very good weekend. I literally had to stop watching / reading the news in order to get out of the funk. Then my niece / Muse came for a visit, to see the Twenty One Pilots concert with me. We had been saving up for months for this. Not often that I can. You know how it is. I appreciate you thinking of me. ♥️😘 Thank you, again. 🙏✌️


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